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what's Selling in Camillus - a 30 Day Snapshot

The real estate market is moving quite nicely here in the town of Camillus.  According to the MLS, 47 listings have accepted offers in the past 30 days, and are presently either at a K or P status (K means an offer has been accepted but there's some type of contingency, for example a home inspection to be performed, and P means all contingencies have been removed).  But the real question is what is selling?


Currently, there are only 2 colonials listed under $100k.  Leroy St. in the village, and the corner of Melrose and Hudson streets in old Fairmount.  They are both listed as active.  The rest are mainly capes and ranches.  I did see the cute grey cape on Turner (across from the municipal building) pended.


The big activity is $100 - 200,000.  35 of the 47 fall into that range, and of those 23 are priced below $140,000.  The ever popular Orchard village claims 7 K or P listings:  two on West Way, two on Forrest, and one each on Northfield, Terrace and Pear Tree. Technically Pear Tree isn't Orchard village, but most people think it is.  Also the very popular Hidden Knolls is doing well, with two on Flint Path and one on Quartz with accepted offers.  Not surprising, the two on Yorkshire also have offers.  There are 57 active listings in this price range.


Looking in the MLS at every house listed over $200,000, there are 96 active listings, 36 of which are currently existing (not "to be built").  There are only 2 K status, and two pended that have accepted offers in the past 30 days.  Even outside our 30 day snapshot, there are only 16 listings K or P over $200,000.


An interesting comparison is if you look at what's available in the Westhill school district and exclude the town of Camillus, since those listings have already been included above.  Priced above $200,000, there are only 5 listings with accepted offers, and 34 active listings.  The percentages of listings with accepted offers to total listings run nearly equal:  14% Camillus and 13% Westhill schools.


Again looking between the town of Camillus and Westhill schools, but in the $100 - 200,000 range, the percentages of total listings with accepted offers in Camillus is 38% to Westhill's 43% - a fair comparison.  Now I will throw a curve ball into all these numbers - sometimes a property is listed as active when it's really sold.  Sometimes a listing hangs out at a K status, when it should be P.  The only way I can adjust for those instances is to call every listing agent that shows up in my search, and that' s not happening today.  Or tomorrow.


I guess my point is, if you're thinking about selling, and you live in either the town of Camillus or Westhill school district, things are looking pretty darn good if you're in the $100-200k range, particularly if you're priced under $140,000.


FYI - you can track local active and K listings through several websites, but you won't find Pended listings, as they are no longer being marketed.  You can also track post closing sales through the Sunday paper, and it will even tell you the sales price.

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